Exies Griffith | History

The Exies was founded in 1938 by a driving group of forward thinking RSL members. On the 5th march, 1938 a final inspection resulted in the signing of the lease for the first Club premises at 23 Banna Avenue, Griffith (Where Fred Coles Better Electrical currently stands).


Exies Griffith | History

On the 8th October, 1939, the committee decided it was time to make the shift across the road to a bigger premises know as the ‘Solider’s Memorial Hall’. Trading got busy that they had to employee three staff members, purchased their first refrigerator, 2 billiard tables & 2 token fruit machines. They started selling bottled beer & began trading on Sundays.


Exies Griffith | History

The RSL club made its final move to what was originally Mirrool House in Jondaryan Avenue (its current location). The premises was purchased for £10,000. The committee officially named the club ‘The Griffith Ex-servicemen’s Club’.


Exies Griffith | History

The clubs membership base expanded rapidly over the years, resulting in many renovations. The Griffith Ex-Servicemen’s Club was two story and was home to an array of sporting and leisure facilities for it’s ever growing patronage.


july1982 fires

In July of 1982, a vicious fire brought the Griffith Ex-Servicemen’s club to its knees. A substantial amount of official records and artefacts were tragically lost in these fires.


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Exies Griffith | History

Following the massive set back after the 1982 fires, the club reopened its doors and set out to rebuild the business.


Exies Griffith | History

In 1993, the Exies decided to expand their club beyond one site/venue with the purchase of the Exies Sports Club.


exies main club exterior building
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The Griffith Ex-Servicemen’s Club continues to expand. In 1994, major renovations took place to modernise the venue and create more space for its ever-growing membership base.


Exies Griffith | History

In 2007, the Exies Sports Club (fondly know as the Sporties) had a major reface building a modern club house for its members and many sporting groups.


The Griffith Ex-Servicemen’s club continued to expand with further renovations taking place in 2013. The interior renovations provided a modern look for the club and created a variety of unique spaces to cater to its ever growing membership base.


exies bagtown motel and function centre

The Griffith Exies again expanded their empire, purchasing the Exies Bagtown Motel & Function centre in 2014.


2017 saw the extension of the Exies yet again with a bigger desk space, gaming facilities, change rooms and a new restaurant.


A Brief History: 1938 – 1994 by Joanna Hams, commissioned by The Griffith Ex-Servicemen’s Club, 1994

The Club: Official Organ of the Griffith Ex-Servicemen’s Club Vol.1, No1.


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