The following community groups received funds for their projects through the 2017 NSW ClubGRANTS 'Category 1' scheme

Autism Spectrum
Australia Camp Quality
Cystic Fibrosis
Aboriginal Aged Care
Griffith Aged Care Service
Griffith Anzac Day Celebrations
Griffith Can Assist
Griffith City Council (Strong Girls)

Griffith City Council Devt. Committee
Griffith Clontarf Foundation
Griffith Country Hope Trust
Griffith Dementia Group
Griffith Legacy
Griffith Meals on Wheels
Griffith Ningana Enterprises
Griffith PCY

Griffith RSL Sub Branch
Griffith Shed for Men
Prostrate Cancer Council
RSL & Services Last Post Ceremony
Soroptomist International
Swan Hill Men’s Health
Yambil Hub Community Services
Youth off the Streets

Total Funds Donated

Yambil Hub

The ‘Yambil Hub’ is the latest community initiative project by Griffith Exies. It is the home to local aged and disability care services including:

  • Griffith Aged Support Services
  • Griffith Meals on Wheels
  • Dyirri-Bang-Gu

Recent Community Events

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