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28th September: Sameera


5th October: Out With The old In With The New

12th October: Double Shot

19th October: Genevieve Chadwick

26th October: Poppycock Trio


2nd November: Sameera

9th November: Duble’

16th November: Hidden Temple

23rd November: Poppycock Trio



7th December: Max & Ted

14th December: Out With The Old In With The New

21st December: Genevieve Chadwick

28th December: Sameera

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ROYAL FLUSH – A K Q J 10 ALL SUITED $500 and goes up $20 every night
STRAIGHT FLUSH – K Q J 10 9 ALL SUITED $200 and goes up $10 every night
• Any other straight flush suited wins $50
• All jackpots played out till the end. And someone has to call for them to win the prize of the jackpot.
• No more than 3 people splitting pot
• Optional $5 entry in needed to participate for jackpots.
• No add-ons or re-buys at any time with PPL
• Any default on a card when dealing is placed back in the deck of cards and reshuffled, cut and dealt again

Anyone who is banned is not allowed 10 metres from the business.

Intimidating players or swearing at another player will receive 2 months from playing.

No other language is to be spoken at the table other than English.

No using phones on table. Phones are only used for emergency or if need to walk away 2 metres from table.

There will be only first prize for the leader board.

Any cheating or stealing equipment will get life from playing PPL.

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